Premium Publicity Packages Through Empowered by John Include: 


Give yourself the permission to let your authenticity shine, to brighten the world with your light and the talents that you have been blessed with!

As part of your PR campaign, Empowered by John will collaborate with you to shape your personal journey, your gifts, in addition to the release of your new book or forthcoming event(s) into stories and segment ideas for consideration from the media.

Empowered by John will then generate press coverage for you, by connecting you with members of the mainstream media (on local, national, and/or international levels), along with members of the online media (podcasts, YouTube channels, vlogs, and websites) within the empowerment, inspirational, and/or spiritual communities to secure interviews with you to share your journey and how you have been able to empower, heal, inspire, and hold the space for people on their own personal journeys of awakening through your own transformation, while also promoting yourself and your services at the same time.

Empowered by John client Muskan Virk shares 365 Days of Gratitude on the CBS affiliate in Buffalo, NY, as part of her summer book tour. Muskan joins WIVB’s Wake Up and speaks to the show’s co-host, Jordan Williams, on how 365 Days of Gratitude came to life, what it has meant to her to share the book’s message with children, parents, families, and the homeless community around the world, in addition to why she followed the call in her heart to give back to Western New York.

Empowered by John alumnus Robert Tremblay shares his courageous story of survival and hope, Twenty-Seconds, on the ABC affiliate in Tucson, Arizona, as part of his national book tour. Robert joins KGUN 9’s The Morning Blend and opens up to the show hosts, Tina Jennings and Heather Stricker, on his near death experience, his diagnosis of end-stage AIDS, and how the love story between himself and his wife helped to save his life.

Empowered by John will guide you to the media opportunities that will provide you with the best opportunities for maximum exposure and positive feedback and to ensure that your message is professionally shown.

Empowered by John will also properly prepare you for each interview by providing a familiarity with the program that is interviewing you, which will help you to establish a rapport with each media outlet and its host(s), journalist(s), and/or editor(s).

social media

Let’s create a live and direct connection to your audience! Empowered by John will assist you with the navigation and expansion of your official social media portals. Daily tweets and Facebook messages, weekly YouTube videos, and more can be co-created together and made available for free to all of your followers. This will allow the opportunity to grow your audience, while also interacting with each member of your tribe personally. 


As part of your continued growth on social media, Empowered by John will also help you create awareness to your message through the official Empowered by John social media portals (on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube). This will provide you with a dedicated online platform/presence that will enhance your visibility to an already-established audience promote your your online community globally.


Networking and consulting with Empowered by John is not just professional, it is not just personal, but it comes from the heart and soul.

Empowered by John will connect you with like-minded lightworkers from all around the world, for the goals of proposed collaborations and live events, plus sharing each other’s messages via social media. If there is a particular individual and/or organization that you would like to work together with, together we can plant the seeds to make that a reality! Empowered by John will also help you in facilitating personal/charitable appearances and serve you in whatever ways you envision growing your endeavors to humanity.


Empowered by John will meet with you for weekly or monthly consultations (via Skype or Zoom) that will provide beneficially-critiqued advice, which will assist you in your personal/professional growth, along with the growth of your online community and your brand on social media.

Additional Services Through Empowered by John Include:

  • Our all-new six-week Media Coaching Program 
  • Press releases
  • Author biographies
  • Bookstore & media pitches
  • Hourly PR consultations (if you are simply looking for publicity and/or social media tips and strategies that can be of benefit to you and your mission)

Know that you are appreciated and that your gifts are valued. It is an honor to take the next steps with you. If you are interested in aligning with Empowered by John, please connect with us via our website’s Contact Us section and provide us with your name, e-mail address, and inquiry. We will reply back to you as promptly as possible to schedule your free 30-minute consultation (via Skype or Zoom) and see how we can be of service to you.

Thank you for your time, your energy, and your consideration of Empowered by John, your online online home of heart-centered publicity.